Mythril (MYTH)

What is Mythril ($MYTH)

$MYTH serves as a bridge between in-game currencies and cryptocurrencies, facilitating their exchange for purchases in community and partner games within the Omniv3rse ecosystem. This includes the ability to purchase in-game currencies with $MYTH, withdraw in-game currencies via $MYTH and trade them on the open market, and other benefits for token holders.
Read more information about $MYTH integration with Omniv3rse games on the GemScape Mechanics and Web3 Integration pages.
$MYTH is the governance token of the Omniv3rse.


  • ERC-20 on Arbitrum network
  • Max token supply: 100,000,000 MYTH
  • Circulating: 100%
  • Tax: 5% for both buy and sell
    • 0.5% $MAGIC reflections
    • 4.5% Treasury
  • Distribution:
    • 83% to early adopters
    • 17% to treasury for liquidity, operations and marketing

Tax & $MAGIC Reflections

There is a tax on all DEX (Sushi on Arbitrum) trading volume for $MYTH, part of which goes to buying $MAGIC for reflections.
E.g. if reflections tax is 5%, for every $100,000 of trading volume, $5000 is spent on buying $MAGIC tokens.
These reflections are then distributed to all $MYTH token holders proportionally based on your share of total supply. Following the above example, if you own 1% of total supply, you get $50 reflections for $100,000 trading volume.
The amount of reflections is a variable and depends on the trading volume.

Do I have to do anything to get reflections?

Reflections are automatically accumulated in your account for all $MYTH holders, even if they may not appear in your wallet.
You may need to interact with the token contracts to trigger them manually. You can do this by calling the claim() function on contract, sending some tokens to yourself, or by executing a trade.