Scroll Guardians

📜 Scroll Guardians ⚔️ is a multiplayer turn-based boss battle, entirely on-chain.
The game was deployed on the Scroll network alpha testnet during Ethereum Denver in March 2023.
Here's what we achieved during those 2 weeks:
✅ 5 bosses slayed ⚔️ ✅ 1,500+ unique player addresses ✅ 3,200+ NFTs minted ✅ 28,000+ contract interactions


Every time a boss spawns, anyone can mint 1 of 3 characters (a Scroll Guardian). After minting a character, players can attack the Boss to decrease its Health Points (HP). Once the Boss' HP reaches 0, players win.
It took about 200 to 1000 unique scroll guardians to attack to Boss to defeat it, depending on the Boss HP and Guardian's Attack Damage.