The Lost Donkeys Treasure Hunt

Dear Adventurer,
Welcome to The Lost Donkeys Treasure Hunt!
​The 3 Stooges have hidden 12 clues across the lost lands on their trail to the treasure.
Find the answers to the 12 questions in this Google form by checking out Adv3nture and The Lost Donkeys' websites and socials. Submit the form to qualify and earn TOKEN based on the number of correct answers or tasks completed.
Good luck!

What is The Lost Donkeys Quest?

In collaboration with The Lost Donkeys, we bring you a bite-sized Alternate Reality Game (ARG) in the form of an educational treasure hunt.
In this Treasure Hunt, participants look for answers to 12 questions about The Lost Donkeys and Adv3nture on our websites and socials, which eventually lead them to finding the final prize.
  • 200,000 Tokens distributed among all participants in the Treasure Hunt
  • 200,000 Tokens airdropped among 2,500 Lost Donkey NFT holders
  • 3x Lost Donkey & Barn NFT pairs given away to:
    • 1 treasure hunt participant & holder of Token
    • 1 treasure hunt participant who got all 12 questions correct
    • 1 twitter contest winner